The student receives their white belt after successfully completing the Introductory Course. The course consits of 4 half-hour private lessons with Sifu Schroder. For more information or to schedule an Introductory Course call or email Sifu Schroder.


First Session

Salutation and Bow
Square Horse Stance
Straight Punch
Inward Block
Block & Punch Combination
Snap Kick
OOS - Greeting (Japanese)
SIFU - Teacher (Chinese)
KENPO - Way of the Fist (Japanese)

Second Session

Outward/Outward Extended Block
Neutral Bow
Snap Kick; Front Leg (Cat Stance)
Delayed Sword:
Step Back Left Foot, Deliver Right Inward Block
Slide to Cat Stance, Snap Kick
Step Back to Neutral Bow, Deliver Right Outside Hand Sword

Third Session

Inward/Outward and Inward/Outward Extended Blocking Combination
Upward Block
Downward Block
Snap Kick; Back Leg
Rear Kick

Fourth Session