Kenpo Techniques:

Clutching Feathers - Front left hand hair grab.

Triggered Salute - Front right hand direct push.

Dance of Death - Front straight right punch, with left leg forward.

Thrusting Salute - Front right step through kick.

Gift of Destruction - Handshake.

Locking Horns - Front headlock.

Evading the Storm - Front right step through overhead club.

Lone Kimono - Front left hand lapel grab.

Glancing Salute - Front right hand cross punch.

Five Swords - Front right step through roundhouse punch.

Scraping Hoof - Full Nelson.

Grip of Death - Left flank right arm headlock.

Repeating Mace - Front step through lunging left hand push.

Shielding Hammer - Front step through hooking left punch.

Striking Serpent's Head - Front bear hug - arms free.

Crashing Wings - Rear bear hug - arms free.


Kicking Set - Sibok (Uncle) Kelly. Sixteen movements, Box pattern, Basic kicks and stances advancing. Kicks are Snap, Wheel, Knife, Rear. Foot maneuvers are shuffles, crossovers and stepthroughs. Stances: Neutral, Cat.


Long One: Sigo Parker, Sixty eight movements, Cross pattern, Basic Blocks Stances, and punches retreating. New stance is a forward bow, new hand basics are punches and clearing blocks.

Jiu Jitsu Techniques:

Chokes: Collar Choke; Scissor Choke; Thumb

Scissor; Collar Chokes from Behind: 1,2,3; Triangle Choke.

Flips: Hook; Back; Neck; Arm.

Reversals: Guard to Rear; Side to Guard 1, 2;

Front to Front; Front to Side; Front to Triangle Choke.

Arm Bars: Mount; Side Mount; Front Mount; Guard 1, 2, 3


All basics are executed off of the forward and rear sides.

Hand BasicsKick Basics
Inward, OutwardSide Thrust
Inward & OutwardReverse Crescent
Upward, DownwardSnap Rear
 Rear Snap
 p Wheel
 3-Way Kick
 Crescent Spinning Rear
 Crescent Rear

Mat Work - Mat work teaches a student how to fall properly.
A) Shoulder roll
B) Back Fall
C) Side Fall
D) Forward Fall

Lock Flows 1, 2, 3, 4 - Lock flows teach a student how to apply the basic 10 submission holds. They come from the art known as Shaolin Chin Na, which means to restrain or hold. Chin Na targets the body in four categories: muscle, tendon, bone, and artery. There are four holds on each chart.