• Begging Hands - Front two-hand grab to wrists.

  • Thrusting Wedge - Front two-hand high push.

  • Flashing Wings - Front right step through punch.

  • Hugging Pendulum - Front right drag-up thrusting sidekick.

  • Repeated Devastation - Full Nelson.

  • Destructive Twins - Two-hand choke - pull in.

  • Defying the Storm - Front right step through roundhouse club.

  • Crossed Twigs - Rear two-hand grab to wrists.

  • Snaking Talon - Front two-hand push.

  • Shield and Mace - Front right step through punch.

  • Retreating Pendulum - Front right thrusting heel kick - executed with either a right step through or a left rear crossover.

  • Tripping Arrow - Front bear hug - arms free.

  • Wings of Silk - Rear two-arm lock.

  • Conquering Shield - Front left stiff-arm lapel grab.

  • Entangled Wing - Front arms lock as instructed.

  • Raking Mace - Front two-hand lapel grab - pull in.


Coordination Set 2 - Basic stances: attention, horse, neutral bow, forward bow. Basic foot maneuvers: step through, pivot, cover. Simultaneous usage of the same strike or block. Teaches simultaneous: blocks, strikes, kicks. Teaches how to use the concept of Center of Mass in a Gaseous State of Motion.

Blocking Set 2 - Basic blocks: inward, upward, downward, extended outward. Additional blocks: push-down, back elbow, inside downward palm down, inside downward palm up. Double blocks: cross, universal, dual using opposite and reverse motion. Parries: inward, outward, outward hooking (palm up), inward horizontal heel palm, outside downward, upward. Foot maneuvers: pivoting, leaping, step through reverse. Teaches use of dual movements when blocking, simultaneous use of blocks, how to apply blocks with Economy of Motion, coordinate use of blocks and parries with transitional stances, how to simultaneously block in linear and circular fashions, and against attacks from different paths.


Short Three - Sigo Parker. Thirty eight moves, star pattern. Defenses against grabs. New strikes: elbow two headed serpent.

Long Three - Sigo Parker. One hundred plus moves, star pattern. Defenses against grabs.

Jiu Jitsu Techniques:

  • Reversals: Cross Guard 1, 2; Side Mount to Guard 1, 2; Standing Side Mount to Guard.

  • Counters: Collar Choke; Triangle; Arm Bar 1, 2.

  • Passing the Guard: 1.

  • Preventing Guard Pass: 1, 2, 3.

  • Sweaps: Knee on Belly; Hook Sweep.


Spear Basics


Shutter Cut

Forward Thrust

Jump Spinning Chung

Spinning Block

Downward Block

Kick Basics

Wheel Spinning Hook

360 Hook Kick

Double Iron Broom