• Dominating Circles - Front offset right hand grab to right shoulder.

  • Twist of Fate - Front two-hand push.

  • Flashing Mace - Front right step through punch.

  • Detour From Doom - Front right roundhouse kick.

  • Gift of Destiny - Front handshake.

  • Blinding Sacrifice - Front two-hand shoulder grab.

  • Returning Storm - Right roundhouse and backhand club attack.

  • Glancing Spear - Front right direct wrist grab to left arm.

  • Encounter With Danger - Front two-hand push.

  • Gathering Clouds - Front right straight shuffle punch.

  • Circle of Doom - Front right straight kick.

  • Squatting Sacrifice - Rear bear hug - arms free.

  • Fallen Cross - Rear two-hand choke.

  • Brushing the Storm - Right flank - right step through overhead club.

  • Desperate Falcons - Front two-hand direct grabs to both wrists.

  • Circling the Horizont - Front right step through punch.

  • Gripping Talon - Front left hand direct wrist grab.

  • Broken Ram - Front tackle with your opponent¹s arms wide.

  • Circling Destruction - Front left step through punch.

  • Obscure Claws - Right flank left hand shoulder grab.


Striking Set 2
Stance Set 2


Long Four

Jiu Jitsu Techniques:

  • Arm Bars: Side Mount 1, 2, 3; Rear Mount 1; Guard 1, 2.

  • Americana: Side Mount; Half Guard.

  • Leg Arm Bars: Side Mount 1, 2.

  • Chokes From Side Mount: Forearm, Pillow Choke.

  • Chokes From Guard: 1, 2, 3, 4.

  • Flips: Side Hook; Side Flip: Inside, Outside.

  • Flip Counters: Hook; Hip.


Saber Block Basics

Inward Block

Upward Block

Outward Block

Downward Block

Saber Strike Basics

Forward Slash

Downward Slash

Overhead Slash

Forward Thrust

Third Class Brown Belts are required to learn the skeletal structure of the human body, how the joints work and the effects of striking to those target areas. They are also required to be able to apply their techniques with full contact against their chosen dummy.