Menacing Twirl - Left hand rear belt grab.
Leap from Danger - Rear two-hand push.
Circles of Protection - Front right step through overhead punch.
Rotating Destruction - Front - right thrust & left spinning back kicks.
Broken Gift - Front handshake.
Escape from Death - Right rear-arm choke.
Capturing the Storm - Front right step through overhead club.
Intercepting the Ram - Front tackle.
Back Breaker - Right flank right step through punch.
Deceptive Panther - Combination right front snap kick (low) & right roundhouse kick (high).
Twirling Sacrifice - Full nelson.
Heavenly Ascent - Front two-hand choke - arms straight.
Securing the Storm - Front right step through roundhouse club.
Falling Falcon - Front - right direct lapel grab.
Taming the Mace - Front right step through punch with a wall behind you.
Defensive Cross - Front - right front snap kick.
Cross of Death - Front two-hand cross choke.
Kneel of Compulsion - Right flank - right step through punch.
Bowing to Buddha - Front - right roundhouse kick.
Glancing Wing - Front left uppercut punch.


Saquan (killing blow) - Beginning Staff Set. Waxwood Staff. Cholifut.
Sup Sam Choung (thirteen thrust ) - Beginning Spear Set.