• Twin Kimono - Front two-hand lapel grap - push out.

  • Parting Wings - Front two-hand push.

  • Thundering Hammers - Front right step through punch.

  • Swinging Pendulum - Front right roundhouse kick.

  • Squeezing the Peach - Rear bear hug - arms pinned.

  • Circling Wing - Rear two-hand choke - arms bent.

  • Obstructing the Storm - Front right step through overhead club.

  • Darting Mace - Front two-hand wrist grab.

  • Hooking Wings - Front two-hand low push.

  • Shield and Sword - Front left step through punch.

  • Gift in Return - Front hand shake.

  • Bow of Compulsion - Front wrist lock-against chest.

  • Charging Ram - Front tackle with your opponent’s arms extended.

  • Sleeper - Front right step through punch.

  • Cross of Destruction - Rear two-hand choke.

  • Flight to Freedom - Rear hammerlock.


Striking Set - Contains various hand weapons, punches executed while in a stationary position and single, double and quadruple punches. Methods of executing punches and strikes (horizontally, vertically or otherwise): straight thrust, vertical back knuckle, inverted roundhouse, chopping hammerfist and inverted hammerfist. Directions of attack: front, sides. Teaches how to strike with various weapons and how to readily switch targets or convert hand weapons.

Poison Hand Set - Sigo Parker. Thirty-eight movements. Defenses against grabs and punches from a standing position. Salute to the Ming Emperor, hand weapons are heal palm, white snakes, spear hand, immortal man, ridge hand, tiger claw, Cranes Beak.


Long Two - Sigo Parker. Seventy-three moves. Combinations, new hand strikes: overhead knuckle, back knuckle.

Jui Jitsu:

  • Chokes: Side Mount 1; Rear Mount 1, 2, 3; Knee on Belly 1.

  • Reversals: Rear Side to Rear Guard; Rear Top to Rear Guard.

  • Arm Bars: In Guard 1, 2, 3; Side Mount 1, 2, 3, 4; Knee on Belly 1; With Legs 1, 2, 3.

  • Flips: Elbow; Hip; Foot on Belly.


Staff Block Basics

Inward Block

Outward Block

Upward Block

Downward Block

Plum Flower

Staff Strike Basics

Thrust Strike

Shutter Strike

Saquan Strike

But Strike

Kick Basics

Front Thrust

Flying Knife Edge

Jump Spinning Crescent

Iron Broom A, B

Lock Flows 9, 10, 11, 12 - Lock flows teach a student how to apply the basic 10 submission holds. They come from the art known as Shaolin Chin Na, which means to restrain or hold. Chin Na targets the body in four categories: muscle, tendon, bone and artery. There are four holds on each chart.