On November 18, 2006 Austin Kenpo Karate will host 10th Degree Lung Chi Kwan Instructor Russell “The Technician” Shores, one of Austin’s best kept secrets. Sifu Shores does not teach publicly and only trains a handful of students whom he works with on a private basis.

Sifu Shores began his training in the art of Lung Chi Kwan in 1965 under Sifu Larry Adams. This was, and is now, a very secretive Martial Art. Sifu Shores is also a two-time full contact world champion with victories in Japan in 1975 and 1979. He is a master of many weapon and animal forms, Monkey, Tiger and Praying Mantis, to name a few. He is a firm believer in cross-training to adapt to many styles and to perfect his own fighting method.

Kenpo is now and has been one of the most influential styles he has studied, and the knowledge of application he brings to the art is unsurpassed. The nickname “The Technician” was given to him by the students of Austin Kenpo Karate due to his efficiency and accuracy to apply the material in motion. He has also earned the nickname “Thunder Hammer” and “Thunder Baby,” both of which are obvious in their connotation once you have the opportunity to work with him. I can honestly say that after 14 years of training with him I have as of yet not been able to hit him!!! I can not say that about anyone else I have fought with. In 1984 Sifu Shores was recognized by the Who’s Who of Martial Arts for his contributions and dedication to the Martial Arts.

I have been very fortunate as a Martial Arts Student to have had the opportunity to be accepted as one of Sifu Shores’s private students. The knowledge and integrity he brings to the art is a rare commodity in this day and time of Martial Arts training. This is a rare opportunity for you to work out and train with Sifu Shores, and experience for yourself the knowledge he brings to the mat. I hope to see you at the seminar.


Sifu Jeff Schroder
Head Instructor, Austin Kenpo Karate